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Jacob Mouton

Mowata, LA

I've been hunting the marshes are rice fields of south Louisiana since I was born. I'm a rice and crawfish farmer in a town named Mowata, Louisiana. In the average year, I'll hunt anywhere from 45-55 days of our 60 day season. I specialize in duck and goose hunting. With the marshes we hunt being full of teal, Pintail, and gadwall, we have very plentiful land recording an average of 2300 confirmed kills a year. Speckelbelly hunting has become a passion of mine recently and has become one of my favorite things to do. 

Andrew Spain

Raleigh, NC

I have been in and around hunting since I could walk. I started out with my dad either in a deer stand or in a duck blind. From then on I was hooked. Now I hunt all over the east coast chasing the waterfowl passion of mine. Anything from honkers in a cut corn field to puddle ducks in the flooded timber to divers in the big water.

Barry Smith

Greenville, SC

I am 23 years old and I am from the upstate of South Carolina. I grew up hunting all types of game but found myself loving the sport of waterfowl hunting. A few years back, I started my waterfowl hunting career chasing Wood Ducks in the swamps of South Carolina. I am now the owner and operator of Pintail Creek Outfitters and Guide Service based out of Harrisburg, Arkansas. Waterfowl hunting requires dedication and passion to be successful and I always strive to give my best effort. I am excited to partner up with Redline Waterfowl to represent their products. 

David Slaton

Blythewood, SC

I am President of the Swamp Reapers waterfowl association. Getting to hunt and prepare all year with this group is what it is all about.  Duck hunting is my passion. I have been hunting for over 10 years and I have been blessed with many great opportunities and experiences.  I hunt everything flooded timber, fields, ponds, big water, and anywhere else I can find ducks or geese. I have hunted in Argentina South American, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, and many more. There is no down time when it comes to duck hunting. When season ends its time to start preparing for next year getting the ponds ready, maintenance on the boats, scouting new and old spots, and booking trips. Waterfowl hunting for us is not just a sport it is an obsession and a way of life. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the Redline Team.

James Eandi

Castro Valley, CA

I have been hunting since my father and grandfather took me out for the first time when I was four and I have been hooked ever since. I hunt mainly in the rice chasing specks and mallards and in the California Delta chasing canvasback, wigeon and teal. Hunting waterfowl a great passion of mine and I love to introduce people in the sport that I love and show them what it is all about. 

Jerold Meier

Chenoa, IL

I'm 44 years old and started hunting waterfowl when I was 12 with my dad. I was born in Pontiac IL and now live in Chenoa IL. The passion to waterfowl hunt runs deep and you can bet during the season if I'm off work, I'm in the field or on the water hunting ducks and geese with my lab Zeus. I have a wife Karen, and 2 daughters Alexandra and Isabella that will share the blind with me at times. I'm a DU and Delta waterfowl supporter along with Pheasants Forever. I'm also a NRA life member. I love taking new people hunting. It's great to see there reaction when the birds come in all cupped up and they get their bird.

Phil Christian

Ontario, Canada

My name is Phil Christian and I have been hunting for over 20 years now. At the age of 7 I started following my father through bush as he hunted for grouse. I learned how to shoot a 22 around the same time as well. As time went on, my passion for hunting grew more and more. When I turned 15 I got my hunting license and haven't looked back since! I started waterfowling in the late 90's when I was in college. I was fortunate to be living in the Kawartha Lakes area of Ontario, which produces some of the provinces best duck hunting! Currently I live just a half hour east of Toronto, which surprisingly offers some amazing field hunting for geese! I'm fortunate in living next to Lake Ontario, which never freezes and will hold thousands of geese all year long!
> By far my favorite hunting is chasing ducks on small water. To me, nothing beats holding my 20 gauge while leaning up against a tree or sitting on a muskrat hut just waiting to get buzzed by a flock of woodies or teal. Something about the intimate setting of sitting in a foggy swamp at the crack of dawn has a special place with me. I'm lucky in the sense that my fields where I hunt are only 20 mins away from where I live, and can be on a lake in my layout boat in under a hour. We truly are fortunate to have the hunting opportunities that we do here in Ontario!

Kodie Monical

Fairbanks, AK

I am 21 years old, born and raised in Southern Illinois. I started waterfowl hunting at the age of 15 and the rest is history. In 2015 I left Illinois for the Air Force and currently live in Alaska. I love teaching people what I know as well as learn new things myself. The camaraderie that waterfowl hunting brings is one of the greatest things about the sport and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I am excited to be a part of the Redline family and working with everyone.

Brandon Schwader

Howard, SD

I am 20 years old and I grew up on a farm. I recently graduated from Lake Area Technical for Diesel Technology, and now I am back on the farm, doing what I love. Being a farmer in South Dakota has given me the chance to be an avid hunter. Anything from chasing big whitetails with a bow or rifle, casting a line, bow fishing or waterfowl hunting you can bet I'm doing it. I have been hunting as long as I can remember and I truly have a passion for the sport. I am excited to be teamed up with team Redline! 

Christopher "Cubby" Hawes

Chehalis, WA

I'm a husband and father wonderful daughters I live and breath waterfowl if I'm not chasing birds I'm thinking,finding and looking for new ways and ideas I spend lots of time scouting spots here in SW Washington I hunt anything from flooded fields to the open coast I spend at least 150 days chasing honkers,snows and dux just to shoot them in the face.

Ben Carlson

Mukwonago, WI

I am 21 years old, born and raised in south east wisconsin. My dad had me out in the woods and fields since i was old enough to walk. Now I spend all fall chasing that passion. Every year i find myself driving west to the dakotas to hit the migration. There is nothing quite like a flock of ducks cupping into your spread. I love taking new hunters out and watching the passion for waterfowl hunting grow in them just like it did for me when i was young. I am excited about this opportunity to represent Redline and their awesome products!!


Nick Strba

Peotone, IL

I've been hunting since I was 12 years old and couldn't imagine doing any thing else. I work at a family friend's farm, when I'm not at my full time job, and any other time is spent getting ready for the up coming season and trips. I grew up being the only hunter in the family, so the local old timers took me in and taught me everything I know. Like how the land  hunt needs to respected, like I respect the people that let me hunt it. Safety, having fun, and conservation, are my top priority when hunting.

Clint Ryther

Texarkana, TX

I am now 20 years old and I started hunting with my dad at the age of 4. Growing up in northeast Texas/Southwest Arkansas I have been chasing ducks all of my life and I have been lucky enough to grow up where ducks are always plentiful. Hunting to me is a way of life and From a young age I have been honing my skills as a waterfowler. Weather its mallards falling through the timber or shooting teal on the flats, it gets my heart pumping. I've been blessed with the opportunity to travel the state of Arkansas hunting and I've seen some amazing places. Some of the best memories in the field are with friends and family, its not always about what you kill but who your with. When I'm not hunting ducks I'm on the water scouting for new places to hunt and in the off season I spend most of my time fishing with friends and family. Thank you agian Redline for the opportunity. God bless and good hunting.

Brett Autrey II

Fayetteville AL

Gowing up in central Alabama wood ducks holes are always the go to. Not getting many big ducks in the central part of the state until later in the season I learned to appreciate the sport for many other reasons than having big shoots. I believe there is no better fellowship than a group of guys in a blind. From west Tennessee Teal to green timber Mallards in Arkansas and back down to the coast shooting divers I love it all! Ive been blessed with the opportunities to travel and chase waterfowl and that's 100% my Passion and I hope to inspire others through through my pursuit! 

Jeremy Boggs

Lagrange, OH

I grew up in rural West Virginia hunting just about every animal that had a season, raising and hunting rabbit and coon hounds. Waterfowl hunting was not a part of my life then, as a matter of fact I didn’t even know anyone that did it. It wasn’t until 18 years ago when I moved to Northeast Ohio to work that I was introduced to the sport, over the past years living in Ohio it has grown to be a passion. In the last couple of years I have really progressed in skill and knowledge, I owe a lot of my progression in the last

year to my new hunting partner who has really taken the time to teach me better technique and new skills. I am excited to take the things I have learned not only in waterfowl hunting, but from all facets of my hunting life and use them to support an awesome company like Redline Waterfowl. This sport has become my life sport and hunting passion and I would like to spread that to others.

Dylan Martinez

Roy, UT

 I'm 24 years old and have been pursuing waterfowl since I was 14. I have been apart of several DU and delta committees and always put effort into helping the waterfowl. I have lost count on the projects I have helped with from hen houses too just marsh clean ups. I also enjoy taking first time hunters, it doesn't matter if they are 50+ or it's their very first hunt, I get enjoyment out of showing someone the passion and enjoyment that you can get from hunting. I have two sons who are well on their way to becoming dedicated waterfowl hunters and couldn't be more proud of that.

Richard Hershey

Stillwater, OK

I am currently 25 years old and originally from Pennsylvania. I joined the Army in high school and after graduation I moved to the South. I’ve hunted in just about every state that I travel to with the military. I have been hunting since I was a kid with my father and want to help the younger generations have that same experience as I did.  Its never just about killing animals its about all the time and preparation that makes it worth while, because once you get the buck, or flock of geese headed your way you know it was well worth it. Look forward to working with Redline Waterfowl and its partners to make hunting fun and as easy as possible.

Tanner Lang

Larned, KS

I was born in Western Kansas hunting upland game, doves, and chasing coyotes with gray hounds. I moved to central Kansas in 2004 to attend college and when the drought declined the upland game population I started looking for other game. I was introduced to waterfowl hunting by a buddy and have been hooked ever since. It's not only be come a passion but more of an obsession. I do most of my hunting in the Great Bend area hunting ducks and geese around the refuges, fields and late season river hunts. I am married and have 2 amazing boys who love being outside either shooting hoops in the drive way or sitting in a layout blind or boat with dad. My wife has shown a big interest in hunting ducks and shot limit of big ducks on her first hunt. I look foward to teaching my son's on being safe ethical outdoorsman and have fun.

David Goos

Maple Lake, MN

Being from Minnesota, I grew up with a lake in front of my house, ponds behind my house and plenty of corn fields down the road. My usual morning wakeup call was the sound of honkers flying over my house. Also my grandfather’s favorite sport was waterfowl hunting. I’m sure that’s where I gained my interest. All it took was for one of my older friends taking me out goose hunting at a fairly young age, and I fell in love with the sight of cupped wings. Whether it’s hunting a corn field, or hunting a pond, as long as I’m out going after ducks or geese, I’m a happy man. Not only do I enjoy calling and pulling the trigger, I also enjoy filming hunts and hunting photography. I am the founder of Team 7 Above Outdoors so much of the film and pictures are taken by me. I spend my offseason preparing for the up and coming waterfowl season as well as fishing bass tournaments. I am very excited to represent and promote Redline Waterfowl. Duck depression is a real thing. Waterfowl season can’t come soon enough. 

Marcus Tanner

Coon Rapids, MN


I am 22 years old. I grew up hunting in the central part of Minnesota chasing birds from early season honkers to the late season greenheads. I look forward to passing my addiction of the great outdoors to my two beautiful kids. I have recently started hunting with more and more people, learning new tricks and tips from them while giving them my knowldge as well. My biggest goal is to hunt from coast to coast making new friends and memories along the way.

Nate Teauseau

Hennepin, IL

I am 27yrs. Old. I was born and raised in north central Illinois, where I still live and raise my own family today. Being from an area famous for large corn fed whitetails and a rich history of waterfowling along the Illinois River Bottoms it's not hard to get the bug growing up around here. I've had a lifelong interest in the outdoors as far back as I can remember. I enjoy being in the outdoors doing all types of hunting, fishing and gathering of what our rich landscape has to offer. But most of all it's the waterfowl. I've gained a passion for waterfowl hunting and management that it has become a way of life. It's become so much more than just a hunting season, 365 days a year in some way or form, ducks and geese are involved. I caretake a waterfowl hunt club in the river bottoms in my hometown of Hennepin,Il. which makes for a year around involvement in the sport. My goal is to keep growing my passion and knowledge for the sport along with making sure youth and veterans have the chance to experience it anytime I can take them. I look forward to my position representing Redline Waterfowl!

Andrew Cornwell

Newark, NY

I was born in Newark Valley, NY and raised in Newark, NY where I now live with my wife and two children, and I am currently a member of Ducks Unlimited. I was introduced to hunting by my grandfather at the age of 12 beginning with squirrels and rabbits and quickly gradating on to whitetail.  

It wasn’t until four or five years ago when a friend took my out goose hunting for the first time and I was instantly addicted to waterfowl hunting.  I now spend more of my season waterfowl hunting than all other forms of hunting combined, whether I’m in a layout blind in a cut corn field targeting Canadian honkers during early September season, or I’m in a layout boat on Lake Ontario dropping divers into a spread of long lines during the icy late season, there is nothing else that gets my adrenaline flowing more than waterfowl hunting.  For me some of the best parts of waterfowl hunting are the times spent with great friends and the authentic excitement everyone gets when birds start dropping into the decoys.  When it is no longer waterfowl season I can be found scouting new areas, planting food plots, or cleaning up and working to conserve hunting property and the wildlife living on it.  I hope to someday pass along my love for the outdoors to my two children and the future generations of this sport.

Josh Stoner

Greensboro, MD

Growing up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland could only tell you one thing, Hunting was everywhere, and that's what everyone does. From chasing late December honkers to late January divers, you can never get enough of it. Looking forward to every season with old friends and gaining new ones is always the best time of the year. I currently work as a Landscaper for a company just a few short miles from home here in Greensboro. Other then Redline Waterfowl, I currently staff for DOA Decoys as well as Molt Gear Calls. Outside of the hunting scene, I tend to work my life away with long hours in the summer time, to make sure I have enough down time come fall and winter to get out and chase waterfowl. It sure is a passion like no other, and to have this opportunity with Redline Waterfowl Staff, couldn't thank them enough! Safe Hunting and have fun.

Dakota Medler

Fort Eustis, VA

I grew up in Judsonia, Arkansas born in Searcy, Arkansas. Duck hunting is my passion that I share with friends and family every chance I get. I currently live in Virginia stationed at Fort Eustis, VA with the U.S. Army. I’ve been active duty for going on three years now, and hope to start a guide service back in Arkansas when I get out. It doesn’t get any better than hunting some flooded timber, or a flooded rice field! I grew up hunting the Henry Gray Hurricane Lake WMA, the Bald Knob National Wildlife Refuge, Cache River, Raft Creek, you name it we hunt it. Duck hunting is the one time of year that we all get together as friends and family and enjoy the outdoors. I don’t think my wife appreciates my duck hunting as well as I do, but luckily she sometimes enjoys getting out and watching the Mallards fall through the trees. When I’m not in the blind you’ll find me in a tree deer hunting, in a boat gigging frogs or fishing along the banks of the White River, squirrel hunting, chasing turkey’s, or just spending time with my wife, or family. Although I don’t get to hunt in Arkansas much anymore, I still feel as if I’m blessed to be in the woods as much as I am. I can’t wait to get to hunt more than just two or three days out of Arkansas’s sixty day duck season!

Daniel Lowe

Clayton, NY

I am from Northern NY in the 1000 islands area. I am the owner and founder of Opening Day Outdoors Guide and videography service out of Clayton NY.  My passion is for waterfowl hunting. My life revolves around it. I have been hunting since I was 14 years old and can't imagine a life without it. I have hunted everything from fields, to small ponds,  to Lake Ontario with 10-15ft whitecaps. I have hunted, mallards, wood ducks, buffleheads, broad bills, ring necks, black ducks, Canadian geese, and many more. To me, there is no "off season". There is hunting and getting ready for hunting. On the last day of hunting season, my count down begins for next year. Thanks for your time. Happy hunting and stay safe out there.

Max Werdin

Lakeville, MN

I was fortunate enough to be born into a waterfowling family who allowed me to bring along my Red Ryder to the blind from age five and on. Since that first morning, I have been infatuated with the wings slicing through the air at dawn as well as many other things I learned to appreciate throughout the trail to earning my Eagle Scout badge. It wasn’t until around twelve when I started going out on my own and with friends that I truly began learning how to pursue waterfowl through trial and error. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to chase puddle ducks, divers, Canada and snow geese all over the great state of Minnesota as well as Ontario Canada, the BWCA, and both South and North Dakota. I truly live to enjoy the outdoors any way I can. In my free time, if I’m not out on the water or in the field I can usually be found in my tree stand chasing whitetails or black bear with my bow, firearm or muzzleloader hunting Raccoon with Blue tick hounds, Mourning Doves, Ruffed Grouse, and Wolf in Ontario. I also am an avid fisherman generally searching for Walleyes, Lake Trout, Flathead Catfish, and Crappies.

Mike Cimprich

Cedar Rapids, IA

Rightfully so, I was named after my father who was the first person to introduce me to hunting and the great outdoors.  I have been an avid outdoorsman since I was a very young boy growing up in Central Northeast Iowa.  I have always enjoyed the chase of pheasants, turkey, deer and small game but it wasn't until high school that I was overcome with the fascination to pursue waterfowl.  The brisk mornings and swift action drew me quickly to concentrate more time on ducks and geese and less on other game.  A few trips to the prairie pothole region were the finishing touches to make me a waterfowler for life.  I currently reside in Cedar Rapids and utilize the local rivers, ponds and farm fields hugging city boundaries to fill my taste for feathered limits.  I enjoy introducing new people to the sport as well as my wife and two growing boys.  Teaching a new generation to conserve and respect the land we live off, through ethical and responsible actions should be a priority nowadays.  I have a degree in Conservation Management and I'm employed as a Certified Arborist.  In the offseason I fish and target shoot, whether there is ice or not!

Austin Clearwater

Osawatomie, KS

Growing up in Eastern Kansas, wildlife has always been abundant. I started bow hunting with my Uncle at the age of 12 then picked up quail hunting with my Grandpa. From those early years my obsession for the outdoors has only grown.  I hunted public marshes while attending Pitt State University, after graduating I moved back home and was on the hunt for private ground. I recently picked up a camera and started filming all of my hunts. I hope to look back one day and learn from as well as enjoy watching the footage from hunts of the past! I can’t wait to implement Redline Waterfowl into my decoy spread and footage to help promote them along the way. While I am not out chasing ducks and geese, I spend the rest of my time hunting deer, turkey, dove. I also enjoy trapping and fishing for big flathead and blue cats and managing my hunting group Heavy Horn Nation.

Tanner Mawhinney

Bellevue, WA

I was born and raised in the heart of the pacific flyway. Waterfowl hunting has been a passion of mine since the first time I stepped in a blind. I've hunted ducks and geese all over the western United States, but spend most of my time hunting the tidal flats of Western Washington. I'm for fortunate to enjoy a 100 plus day season. In the off season I try and spend as much time scouting, painting decoys and working with my dog as possible.

Stephen Blankenship

Billings, MT

I currently live in Billings, Montana and work as an administrator for the Department of Veterans Affairs here is Billings.  I am a 10 year  veteran of the United States Air Force.  I have been married to the love of my life, Amy, for 23 years.  Together we have one son who is 21 years old.  We have 3 dogs and they are Zeke, he is a pit bull/lab mix and he is our family dog.  My other dog is Drake who is a Chocolate Lab and my hunting partner and we recently adopted Owen who is a mix breed and is 5.  Outside of waterfowl hunting I enjoy fly and spin fishing for big Montana Rainbows.  I also enjoy training my dog.  I currently Pro Staff for DOA Decoys, Molt Gear Calls & Mossy Oak.  My passion outside of my family is Waterfowl Hunting.  I eat, sleep and drink Waterfowl Hunting and look forward to my new position at Redline Waterfowl!

Bailey Williams

Clarks Grove, MN

My passion for waterfowl hunting started when I was 13 years old. My grandpa's friend took me out on a crisp fall morning for my first goose hunt! I helped put out the decoys and I already knew I was hooked! As we grassed up the blinds and got ready I was so excited for sunrise to come! When the first flock of geese came in I popped out of my blind and aimed and shot one! I was so excited that I shot my first goose ever! I go out hunting every chance I get with my friends. Every hunt is so different and each one has its own challenges. I hope to continue to learn all that I can and share my passion for waterfowl hunting to others. Thanks Redline for letting me join the team!!

Jason Fairchild

Baldwin, WI

I was raised in Hutchinson, MN.  I started hunting in my early twenties.  I started doing pheasant hunting with my friends.  It wasn’t until I attended a Ducks Unlimited banquet that I got the itch for waterfowl hunting and it has never gone away.   Ever since that DU banquet I have been involved with DU where I have held many volunteer positions.  I enjoy supporting conservation and sharing interests with waterfowl hunting will all ages.


Now living  in Baldwin, WI and working for Lucky Duck Premium Decoys as the Shipping and Warehouse Manager.  I spend a lot of time hunting both Minnesota and Wisconsin as many days out of the seasons as I can.  I also travel to the south as the season closes following the birds.  Missouri has been my favorite so far.  Would love to get down to Texas in the coming years for the late birds and also out the coast to do some sea duck hunting.

In the off season if there is  really an “off season”?   I enjoy fishing and preparing for the next hunting season by getting decoys rigged up and ready to go.  I also enjoy photographing waterfowl and nature.  I also have Cabella, my weimaraner who has been a great hunting companion.


I love watching the birds work the decoys and new people in the sport bagging there first birds.  I hope to see some of you in the field or at the shows.  Happy Hunting.


Tyler Crabtree

Dover, DE

My dad took me out duck hunting for the first time when I was 14, on Geneva Lake MN. After that first hunt I was hooked. Within a couple of years I had a decoy spread of my own and my trusty Rem. 870. Every chance I had I was hitting the water to get in on the bird action. I have hunted ducks in 3 states so far and plan on many more. I love hanging out with my buddies Brian, Scott, and Trever. The time we spend in the blind together is irreplaceable.

For me it’s not about the amount of ducks I kill or the Facebook status likes, it’s about passing on a passion to my kids and my friends. Yeah shooting a limit full of ducks is amazing, but it’s the look on my sons face when the ducks are circling the decoys or landing in the spread that really makes my hunts worthwhile. All and all duck hunting is a passion and an obsession, tricking the smartest bird in the air to land on top of you is better than anything else in the woods. I can’t wait for all future endeavors with Redline. Good luck this season and hunt safe.

Oh and Brian isn’t as good of a shot as he says he is.

Bob Vovk

Cannon Falls, MN

I started hunting ducks at the age of 12 and have been hooked ever since. I spend my falls chasing honkers and mallards. My summers fishing for walleyes and always spending time with my wife and daughter. What drives me to the next hunt is there are no two hunts that are the same and I learn something new every time I'm out, be it hunting or scouting. I hunt Minnesota and making my way around the Dakotas. I would have to say my favorite hunting conditions is cold, clear and on a river or slough. My goal is to pass the hunting tradition onto everyone I can so others can have the rush that I get from hunting.

Ryan Roberston

Cudahy, WI

Born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Oldest of 4 kids. Currently a carpenter and attending college for conservation and environmental sciences. Been duck hunting for 5 years. I hunt in Wisconsin and Kentucky and then also travel to North Dakota during the regular season and hunt southern Illinois for spring snows.

Jacob Hines

Ellendale, MN

I am 22 years old and was born and raised in Austin, MN. Austin is where my passion for hunting began. Throughout the years my knowledge for waterfowl has grown tremendously. I currently live in Ellendale, MN where I am now a co-founder for Midwest Fowlmouths. One of my main goals is to teach the next generation of hunters the proper way doing things. Along the way giving them many great experiences and creating new friends.

Hugh Clark

Anchorage, AK

From the age of 8 when I bagged my first Mallard Hen I was hooked! I grew up in Texas hunting flooded timber, rice fields, and salt water bays. Cut my teeth chasing whistling woodies, big greenheads and those fast flying teal. Some of my most fondest memories were made standing in the freezing knee high deep water with blue jeans and boots shooting woodies flying through those trees. Those were the days.

I spent 10 years in Kansas guiding and hunting all over the Midwest in search of our feathered friends. What an awesome flyway to experience and be a part of. Numbers are incredible and I made some great memories sharing the waterfowling sport.


I now reside in Alaska with my wife, twin daughters and my best hunting partner, my yellow lab Skeeter.

Here we have very liberal limits, short days and an abundance of waterfowl to pursue. I spend the first part of the season chasing puddlers and divers. When the marshes lock up we then move to the rivers and salt in search of Harley’s, Scoters, Long-tails, Goldeneyes, and Geese.


As President of Alaska Waterfowl Association, I really enjoy introducing new waterfowlers to the sport. Young or old, it’s an awesome experience watching them harvest their first bird. I strive to help educate, provide mentorship, and ensure the waterfowling heritage and passion is passed on.


Sam Westensee

Grand Rapids, MN

My dad and uncle are the ones who really sparked my drive for hunting. I remember being so excited to get up early to make the 3 hour drive out west to laq qui parle to pheasant hunt and pass shoot geese. As I got older I started going up to northern Minnesota to duck hunt. I thought it was the coolest thing when I shot my limit of 2 wood ducks. Some of my most memorable hunts are from when I was out there with my dad just carrying my BB gun around. I now live in Grand Rapids Minnesota. My favorite hunts are September Canada's and late season big water divers. 

Jeremy Swenson

Golden Valley, MN

Spending time outdoors has been and continues to be a passion in my life, and at theforefront of that is duck hunting. Like most folks I started at a young age, and that first trip out to the duck slough hooked me to this sport instantly. Growing up in the Twin Cities, I always ventured North to Brainerd and the Detroit Lakes areas for hunting, however the most educational experience I had out in the field was while attending the University of North Dakota for college. These were the years that I developed skills and gained knowledge about the sport and the birds that I was after. Still to this day I get the opportunity to travel back to the greater Grand Forks area and hunt with the extremely close friends that I met there. Throughout the season we are fortunate enough to hunt our way from Lake of the Woods through North Dakota, South Dakota, and finish up in Missouri. Along the way trying to make it a point to introduce new people to the sport, and meet new friends along the way. My grandfather has always, and still does tell me, “duck hunters form a brotherhood that is much stronger than a simple friendship. If you laugh together, care together, and hunt together you will always have friends for life”.

Carlos Ortiz

Northern CA

I have been hunting waterfowl all of my life. My experience with waterfowl is all across the board, from flooded rice, to dry field goose hunting. Also, hunting in the Sacramento river. I am currently going to school to major in criminal justice, to become a US Marshall. My favorite duck to hunt would be Sprig and my favorite goose would be the white fronted speckobelly. Hunting is my passion and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! I've been fortunate to grow up in an area where the best of hunting is right in my back yard.

Andy Wycoff

Concordia, MO

I grew up hunting the public marshes of Missouri. I shot my first duck when I was 7. It was a drake canvasback, which to this day, I have never shot another one. I look forward to passing down the tradition to my 3 kids. Now we hunt ducks and geese all over Missouri. From layout boats in public marshes, to giant canada geese on the Missouri River. I love introducing new people to the sport. I do warn them that once you go, you'll be hooked for life. When I'm not in the field chasing birds, I'm at my company County Line Boats. Looking forward to helping make Redline Waterfowl well known in Missouri.

Ryan Klick

Andover, MN

I grew up in Pequot Lakes hunting and fishing as a kid, sitting in the deer stand with my dad, and tagging along when he would go to Lac Qui Parle before I was old enough to even carry a gun and sitting in the goose pits watching all the birds work overhead. We would take trips to South Dakota for pheasant hunting and at the time I thought no other hunting could be as great as chasing pheasants. Then when I was 16 I had a friend invite me duck hunting on opening day. We threw out some decoys in front of us, not really knowing what we were doing and waited until shooting time. Call it beginners luck but as soon as we check our watches and saw that it was legal shooting time a flock of mallards jumped off the water at the other end of the slough and came right at us. It happened so fast but when it was over we each had a couple ducks in the water and my buddies lab was already retrieving the first one. Since that day I’ve been hooked, I quit deer hunting just so it wouldn’t interfere with any waterfowl hunts in the fall. I bought some cheap decoys and some rubber waders and would walk around to different spots on our lake and hunt mornings before school. I’ve upgraded my gear since then, but still get the same rush I did when I was younger just throwing out the decoys and still can’t sleep the night before opening day of the waterfowl season.

Kyle Gauker

Mankato, MN

I grew up the youngest of three brothers. My entire family hunted so from a very young age I was brought along to mostly be the dog for my dad and brothers we would hunt everything we could shoot as long as it was in season to help us feed the rest of our family since we were on a tight budget. My middle brother was one of the best callers I knew I learned a lot from his duck calling mostly out of necessity. When I turned 12 and was the only brother left in the house my father would take me out and do all the work himself I now pride myself in being able to return the favor to my father and others. I am always looking to spread my knowledge to new hunters I am constantly trying to find new people to teach. In the past couple years I have been fortunate to take a different kid out on each youth waterfowl hunt in MN. I have also introduced a couple of my buddies that have never hunted and some of the best moments I have now days is when a first time hunter gets to pick up their first bird they shot just the look on the faces makes it worth all the time i put into each hunt. During the season I hunt anywhere in Southern MN I can find birds and once duck season is over almost every weekend I can be found hunting in the "Home of the Giant Canadas" Rochester, MN. I strive to be the best and among all my hunting buddies and their friends I'm considered an obsessed waterfowl nut. I hunt waterfowl 50+ days a year and in the off time I try to find time to hunt pheasants and deer.

Josh Sowada

Sherman, TX

I have always hunted and fished with my dad and brother. I grew up hunting deer and pheasants. When I was about 12 my god father bought me my first shotgun and took me hunting on youth waterfowl day in MN. I didn't like much at the time; But later in life I went to school at the University of North Dakota and discovered what waterfowl hunting is all about. I was hooked!! Even as a new guy getting into the sport we killed a lot of birds and had a blast making memories. Since then I would consider myself a die hard waterfowl hunter. In the summer I scout, get permission, tune up my decoys and blow in both duck and goose calling competitions.  In the Fall I hunt divers, mallards, honkers, snows/blues and even the occasional pheasant! It is safe to say that I'm addicted and loving it.

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